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When moving out, the last thing on your mind is cleaning. You're probably worrying about where you are going to live and how much money your security deposit will be. It's no wonder that many people put off cleaning their homes until they've already moved out. But if this is something you need to do before a move-out date, here's a useful cleaning checklist for what needs to be done so that you leave your home sparkling clean for its future residents.

Let’s go through a couple of expert tips on how to prepare your house in Denville for its new tenants by performing a professional-grade move out cleaning right before you leave.

What do move-out cleaners do?

Move-out cleaners are highly-trained professionals who perform detailed cleanings according to a comprehensive checklist. Although you should spend a bit of time prepping your home for their arrival so that you make their job easiest, from there on it’s all up to them. Here’s what they’ll do:

  • Preparation: The main thing you should pay attention to is to get your place decluttered before the professional cleaners arrive since they cannot work around any personal items left in the home or furniture that isn't supposed to stay. You should remove anything from a cup that needs boxing up (like glasses or dishes) before the cleaners get there.

Also, if you have pets that are staying in your home at the move-out time, be sure to place any toys and food bowls somewhere outside because it will not be possible for them to enter with these items during cleaning. And finally, lock all doors so no one gets inside while the work is being done!

  • Cleaning checklist: A move-out cleaning service is designed to clean your entire house from top to bottom. This includes dusting, vacuuming, mopping and scrubbing all hard floor surfaces; emptying trash cans; wiping down kitchen cabinets inside and outside; washing the stovetop, wiping oven doors and microwave exterior; disinfecting bathroom fixtures like toilets and sinks (including faucets); sanitizing countertops with bleach-free cleaners (or vinegar for granite counters).
  • Duration: Move-out cleaners typically spend a few hours in your house, that is, anywhere from two to five hours on-site. This is ample time to deal with everything from the stove to the kitchen counters, toilets, floors and windows. Depending on your needs, professional cleaners will perform extra services, which will increase the appointment duration. 
  • Communication: You should expect your cleaner to be courteous and friendly, as well as efficient. They will either bring their own equipment or ensure that you have everything and enough for them to use. 
  • Specialized equipment: The move-out cleaners are responsible for the use of all items contained in the list, including but not limited to ladders, hand trucks, buckets with handles, etc. 
  • Contract: Move-out cleaners usually have a contract specifically designed for move-out cleanings which outlines what they can do and how much it costs.

Where in Denville and the rest of Morristown County can I find reliable move-out cleaning?

Move-out cleaning is extremely beneficial, and there are plenty of reasons why you should hire move-in cleaning services to help you out if you can’t find the time or the will to tackle it yourself. If you want a fresh house with less time and effort, make sure to reach out to the leading cleaning services in Denville – Maid in Morristown. We have an amazing team of experienced cleaners who will work hard for your satisfaction as our success is based on loyal customers.

We give homeowners sparkling results because we only work with the best professionals! Your home will be clean and fresh in no time when we come over with green cleaning supplies to take care of all the cleaning you need. Our team is committed to providing premium quality service with excellent results, so if you live anywhere near Boonton Township or Morris County we'll come by for your move-out cleaning. Reach out to us and call us today!